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Eugene Kaminsky

CTO @ Kahana

I lead technology innovation, information technology, and product roadmap at Kahana.

Lara Karagöz

Content Creator

I am a content researcher and creator who is enthusiastic about any kind of topic, but am most passionate about psychological and philosophical concepts. One of my main focuses is applying my experience in psychology and philosophy to product management and technology.

Adam Kershner

CMO @ Kahana

I lead marketing, recruitment, product innovation, and (of course!) content creation at Kahana.

Jonathan Gans

CEO @ Kahana

I lead sales and operations at Kahana! I am a creative communicator and problem solver.

Leah Jones

Human Resources @ Kahana

I lead recruitment and manage creator operations and training at Kahana.

Charley Gilbert

Growth Marketing @ Kahana

I oversee strategic growth marketing at Kahana.

Lara Karagöz

Content Creator @ Kahana

I research topics and write blog posts. I also oversee product development.

Matthieu Meyer

Machine Learning @ Kahana

I manage research and innovation related to AI & Machine Learning.