Travel Capsule Wardrobe Advice To Look Spectacular | Part 1

Updated: May 27

We would love the opportunity to explain the optimal strategies for travel success and thus round out our knowledge so that we are achieving the most out of our travel experiences.


In our other written pieces regarding travel capsule wardrobes, we covered everything from the contents of outfits, to packing best-practices, to the importance of planning strategically for your travels.

Choosing the Right Suitcase for You

As we’ve discussed, planning for effective business travel entails multiple considerations, and it starts with the right luggage. Today’s business travelers need a suitcase that is minimalist, streamlined, and designed for performance. With strategy and proper planning, traveling for work should more often than not require no more than just carry-on luggage and your personal item.

When considering the right suitcase, quality is highly important to keep in mind. You want your suitcase to be durable, but don’t want something overly expensive that might draw unwanted attention from potential thieves. You’ll probably also want something with trolley wheels, and perhaps compression dividers to hold all your items compactly to reduce wrinkling and allow you to sort through one side without unraveling your entire bag.

To avoid any issues with being over the weight limit (though hopefully you will have packed lightly enough for this not to be an issue!), be sure to weigh your bag first if you suspect it is near the limit, and reconfigure your suitcase before you head to the airport.

And if you have the option, going with a backpack is the most efficient way to go when traveling for business. Backpacks hold everything you might need to access during your flight, and it’ll be much easier to access than having to go through the process of taking out your carry-on and rummaging around. Backpacks are also convenient for mobility - you can throw one over your shoulder, wear it on your back, or hitch it to your carry-on for hands-free movement around the airport or train station.

Helpful Luggage Accessories

Your luggage is important, but accessories also go a long way in making your journey as convenient as possible, and many of them quite inexpensive. These items can conserve space, preserve clothing, keep everything neatly contained inside your luggage, making it easy to find things and keep your clothes looking fresh at all times. Here are some accessories that would be helpful for you to utilize:

  • Packing cubes: Different sizes and colors hold all types of belongings neatly inside. This will ensure that you can easily organize things into different compartments, and will prevent you from having to spend too much time rearranging your suitcase when you need to find something.

  • Ziploc bags: These are great for separating dirty clothes and holding other items because you can compress the air from them and seal them tightly.

  • A Tide pen or Shout wipes: This is a phenomenal investment for frequent travelers. Spills do eventually happen, and having something handy to clean them up quickly will give you peace of mind and allow you to pack fewer clothes.

Investing in a Travel Wallet

The last thing you need when traveling for business is to have your wallet stolen. A travel wallet holds critical travel documents (like your passport), your ID, and your credit card/money, all in a compact, secure location. The best travel wallets keep things organized and handy, and provide both physical and electronic security. And fear not - there are plenty of styles available, so you can choose a design that you like best. Here are some great features to be on the lookout for:

  • RFID-blocking material or lining: This prevents would-be thieves from scanning your credit and debit cards, which is a newer (and sneakier) way of stealing your information.

  • Traditional safety features: Secure snaps, extra-strength zippers, and slash-proof material and straps keep the contents safely inside.

  • Size: Some travel wallets are not large enough to hold your passport. And that’s ok, as there are plenty of other ways to securely store your passport, such as under-the-pants satchels.

  • Weight: Nylon composite fabrics are popular because they are very tough but also lightweight.

Travel wallets are not typically not very cheap, but buying one could be the one of smartest investments you will ever make in business travel.

More on Travel Accessories

Luggage accessories that improve packing make a big difference, and in the previous post in our series, we covered the essential tech and gadgets you need to take with you on your travels. But if you are a very frequent traveler and want to ensure that you fly (or train) with optimal comfort, there are other accessories that may be helpful to invest in.

Keep in mind that these are nice-to-haves - they are certainly not required.

  • Noise cancelling headphones (earbuds, such as AirPods Pro, will take up less space)

  • Travel pillow or neck pillow

  • Eye mask

  • Power bank for recharging all your devices

  • Adapters (the lightest you can find)

  • Mini-surge protector

  • Mini-projector for presentations

The more you travel for business, the more you come to appreciate the value of these accessories and tools. They may not be essentials, but they will definitely enhance your experience, and when packed correctly, shouldn’t take up all too much space. And if you really want to get fancy, check out these cool add-ons:

  • Tudor’s Black Bay GMT watch has a 24-hour bezel and displays the time in two different time zones.

  • JBL makes waterproof Bluetooth speakers with an integrated clip, so you can listen to your favorite songs and podcasts in the shower, at the pool, or even in the hot tub.

Finally, consider downloading some free mobile apps that can help boost your business travel experience:

  • Waze: To get directions with built-in, real time traffic updates

  • White Noise: To block out noise with or without headphones

  • Kindle app/free library: To enable you to download books so that you don’t have to waste space on physical copies.

The Bottom Line

And now, your training is complete. You are a fully realized travel guru, ready to tackle your next set of business trips and all trips beyond. Stay sharp, stay fresh, and travel with ease as you impress your coworkers and clients on the go.

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