The Timeless Unique Gift Guide for Your Partner

Updated: May 27

Whatever the occasion, it can sometimes be difficult to decide what to get your partner as a gift. Here's why we think you should take that chance to give them the foundations to a timeless capsule wardrobe, that will have them looking great way beyond the latest trends.


Why Capsule Pieces Are What Your Partner Needs

For your significant other, you want to find the idea that makes them feel special. But here comes the issue: you are busy, working hard and reaching success, and so is your significant other. You’re too busy to spend hours looking for the best present, and he’s too busy to really think about what would work best for him. This guide is here for you. It lays out why obtaining capsule pieces for your man will make him feel special, and will get his wardrobe to the next level.

The holiday season is also the season of family gatherings and holiday parties. While the latter isn’t as common in 2020, planning for the future never hurts. One may see those events as an imposition. We think the opposite. We see those as an opportunity to show off as a couple. Dress up with your capsule pieces and spill charisma and confidence with your man. Trust us, it will make those events much more fun for both of you.

So, capsule wardrobe pieces are without a doubt the holiday gift to get to your man. They are foundational and can be worn with a number of different outfits, and did we mention that they are timeless? Those items will help your significant other be even more successful, as well as feel even more confident when he steps out in family and any social gatherings. Your couple will be the star of the evening!

There are many capsule wardrobe items out there however, so which one should you focus on first? We came up with a list of the 6 most important items to get first. But do check out our guide on how to build a capsule wardrobe to get all the insights on how to complete it!

The 6 Items Your Partner’s Wardrobe Requires

A fully complete wardrobe contains a great number of items. But to get started on a very solid capsule wardrobe, a few items suffice. We are giving you 6 items, separated in 3 sections: Basic Pieces, Investment Pieces and Finishing Pieces. The items presented here aren’t seasonal only, and that’s part of the beauty of a capsule wardrobe. Your partner will be perfectly ready for the holidays as well as any other event that comes after.

Basic Pieces

In a capsule wardrobe, basic pieces are those items that are of mid-level cost and that will be the base of most, if not all, your outfits. The two basic items that we’ll talk about in this guide are the T-shirt and Knitwear.

1. T-shirt

Because your objective is starting a capsule wardrobe for your partner, keep these T-shirts very simple. A crewneck is a classic option. Choose neutral colors, like black, white, brown, gray, and blue. A simple white T-shirt can be dressed up or down to work with almost anything in your closet. A solid assortment of well-made T-shirts is the backbone of any good casual wardrobe. Go for plain, block colours for maximum versatility and stock up on black, navy, grey and white in particular – chances are, these are the ones that’ll see the most daily action. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking T-shirts should be cheap, though. Sure, you can pick up a plain tee from a high-street chain for less than a good coffee, but will it last more than two washes before becoming a crop top? Probably not. Getting your man a Christmas gift that won’t last isn’t the move, so trust us, and invest in some quality. The difference will be massive!

2. Knitwear

A man in blue knitwear on blue background

Knitwear is so important in your capsule wardrobe, especially for the colder months. This season is layering season, and a strong line-up of stylish, comfy items is a must-have. Choose something cozy in a neutral color, like camel, cream, beige, gray, or black. Having both a cardigan and a crew-neck sweater or pullover will allow for multiple outfit combinations. If a hoodie is more your speed, upgrade your basic cotton sweatshirt to a merino or cashmere hoodie. Your partner only needs one or two pieces of knitwear, maximum. You can find out everything there is to know about knitwear (types, styles, trends) in our Knitwear Guide, so go check it out!

Investment Pieces

We’ve given you a couple of basic items to buy for your partner. Those are a great start, but the next step is finding him investment pieces. Those are typically more expensive. However, they are of great quality and will last your partner years. The two investment pieces that we have in this guide are the Suit and the Outerwear.

3. The Suit

A black suit is something that you should always have in your closet. Get it tailored so that it fits your partner perfectly, and choose a style that’s simple enough that it will last 15, 20, or even 30 years. Separating the components of the suit makes it more versatile; your man can wear the blazer over a T-shirt and jeans for something a little more laid-back than business-casual. It can result in countless outfit permutations.

If there’s one suit that should be hanging in every man’s wardrobe, it’s a navy suit. It’s timeless, it’s versatile and it can be easily broken up and used as separates with other garments from your capsule wardrobe. Grey is another option but it can come off a little too corporate for some settings, whereas navy has got your back whether it’s a wedding, work or a special occasion.

With the holidays approaching, you could obtain suit pieces that transition well with the colder weather. Suits made of heavier fabric, like tweed or wool can be a great look for this time of the year. However, those types of suits will be harder to wear year-round, so they may not be a priority investment piece for your partner! A great addition nonetheless!!

4. The Outerwear

a man in a thick grey overcoat

With the cold weather right around the corner, a quality outerwear to protect your partner from the elements is a must buy. And trust us, your partner will feel great wearing a quality coat. Whether it’s an overcoat, a denim jacket, a bomber jacket, or something heavier-weight, you have options. But make sure the quality is there. A trench coat is a great place to start. We hardly need to explain the appeal of a denim jacket to someone like you. You’re already well aware of its status as an icon of old-school masculine style. As for its potential to get better with age, you’re well up to speed on that, too.

An overcoat is a classic. It’s versatile and if you buy well it’s something you could be handing down to your children and even their children after them. Wool is the obvious choice fabric-wise, as is camel in terms of colour. Perfect with tailoring, but also ideal for dressing casual outfits up, the overcoat is a cornerstone of any good outerwear selection. Make sure to check this blog post to learn everything you need to know about the overcoat so that you can perfectly surprise your partner.

Finishing Pieces

The last pieces that we want to introduce you to are finishing pieces. Those are cheaper items that act as the last touch of your partner’s outfits. They are the perfect way to bring his personality in the outfit and make it stand out even more. The two that we want to talk about in this guide are ties and belts.

5. Ties

There’s no shortage of tailoring accessories but with minimalism in mind, the most important is a tie. Ideally, you should have a few in different colours and patterns, but always favour quality over quantity. Moreover, tie clips are a great way to personalize his outfit. They represent professionalism and class in such a small package, so do not hesitate to add some to your wardrobe. Once again, similar to the suit, colder weather can justify going for ties with thicker fabric and holiday patterns. But for the start of your partner’s capsule wardrobe, quality ties that can be worn year-round will be a great gift.

6. Belt

Don't go for a belt that is just functional. Get your pants altered if they're not fitting right without a belt. For your capsule wardrobe, choose a simple yet fashionable belt. A slim belt doesn't look like a corporate belt, and it can make a whole outfit look polished. Make sure that your man’s belt doesn’t clash with his shoes, however! Having belts of different color (black and brown at least) is a necessity.

The Bottom Line

“What am I going to get him for the holidays?” That’s the question you can stop asking yourself now that you read this guide. From the basic pieces to the finishing ones, without ignoring the investment pieces of course, you’ll be able to spoil your partner beyond measure! A quality T-shirt, with a cozy and great looking roll-neck, topped by a quality overcoat, and he will feel like a new man, ready to take on anything.

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