Rituals Launches Limited Edition Beauty Eggs in Time for Easter

Updated: May 27

Rituals is an inspiring and innovative feel-good brand, synonymous with a spa-like quality experience that helps you drift into an escapist restorative zone.

An Asian model wearing a green silk dress poses for a photo shoot alongside Rituals brand products.


Inspired by the "wisdom and ancient traditions of Asian cultures"; Rituals offers opulent products at an affordable price to cater to your body and soul.

What are Rituals all about?

Women’s wellness expert, Clare Rodea Ryan, describes Rituals as having a “strong brand presence”, and that what Rituals stand for is a selling point alone. They represent “elegance, high quality, and spirituality- just through the smell of them!” The power our senses hold is astonishing; scent alone can hold the ability to transport us around the world, take us back to a heart-warming memory, or make us feel empowered and ready for the day.

“I love holding self sanctuary rituals myself and for the women on my retreats!" - Clare Rodea Ryan

Rituals truly is a brand that puts self-love and care at the heart of its meaning and mission. The products allow you to create your own sanctuary from the comfort of your own home.

We might reach for certain products depending on the season, the weather, our outfit, or our feelings. That’s why the Rituals limited edition Easter eggs are such a brilliant suggestion for spring. The warmer weather ensures that our routines and needs alter; these light-weight, floral, and joyous products in the Easter eggs will make you feel spring-ready!

An Introduction to Rituals Egg-cellent Gifting

Want to go the extra mile and treat yourself or someone special to the Easter gift you didn’t know that you needed? Now, you can with the launch of Rituals beauty eggs! Rituals have launched two limited edition beauty eggs in time to celebrate Easter and they’re not to be missed.

These beauty eggs are sure to entice you to join the Easter egg hunt this year! They’re a playful and aesthetically beautiful alternative to our regular chocolate choices. They’re also perfect for those who don’t have a sweet tooth or are trying to cut down on sweet treats.

A product photo demonstrating a limited Rituals Easter beauty egg collection.n

Rituals is a destination for meaningful moments and it aims to transform your daily routine into something with a little added care. The quote “we’re not here to sell you beauty, we are here to make you feel good” is the core mission of Rituals. A meaningful moment could be anything as simple as a long bubble bath or burning a candle to create a calming ambiance. We have the freedom to choose how we explore our very own meaningful moment, Rituals is here to support and indulge you further.

If we listen to our bodies and transform a part of our day, we can create quiet in the noise of our every day; we have the ability to prepare ourselves for productivity and success in the coming hours.

So, these beauty eggs are a fine way to transform how you get ready in the morning or find a moment of peace in the evening.

Hurry, these indulgent gifts are likely to sell out faster than hot cakes (or Easter eggs). Here’s what you’ll get if you get your hands on your very own!

What’s contained in these Rituals beauty eggs?

The Ritual of Karma gift set

The Ritual of Karma collection can only be described as the “ultra-soothing” experience. With a delicate, yet robust scent; The Ritual Of Karma fragrance is composed of holy lotus and wonderful white tea. These ingredients possess properties of tranquility, comfort, and restoration.

A woman applies a lotion from the Rituals' Ritual of Karma collection

Taking care of your mind, body, and soul is an act of self-love. Self-love can only be described as understanding the need for appreciating yourself and your happiness. So, no matter how small or extensive your beauty routine is, we can all benefit from incorporating exercise, hydration, skin or hair care goodies, and body care beauty into our lives.

Self-care and beauty routines are habitual and work best when they’re consistent. It’s important to start and end the day with a peaceful awakening or wind down. Using products such as a vitamin C serum or hydration boosting product as recommended by dermatologists can also be a great way to take care of yourself. There are many benefits to a full-proof morning and evening routine. Whether it’s to target certain exterior needs such as anti-aging, smoothing, or correcting. Or, perhaps you’re looking to cater to your interior needs as well like Rituals and their aim to treat you to a moment of wellbeing.

There’s something for your body and hair in this indulgent set. So, whether you’re looking to spread kindness by nourishing your hair or soothing your skin; The Ritual of Karma set will bring joy and kindness to you.

Just so you know, the full set contains:

  • The Ritual of Karma body cream

  • The Ritual of Karma shower foam

  • The Ritual of Karma hair and body mist

The Ritual of Sakura gift set

The Ritual of Sakura gift set transports you to the realms of Japan. With sumptuously inspiring cherry blossom and delicate rice milk, this combination will help you unwind in a heartbeat. This is just the key to unlocking some essential reflection and self-compassion.

A product photograph of the The Ritual of Sakura gift set.

Self-compassion can be defined as “the recognition of our suffering, and the ability to forgive, accept, and love ourselves despite our deficits or failures.” This sounds quite intense and powerful, but in a nutshell; we are offering ourselves warmth in times of hardship. By offering ourselves self-compassion, we are forgiving ourselves and tending to our genuine needs.

When you let your mind drift and take in the aromatic fragrances of rituals; this allows you to pause and take a moment to contemplate your feelings and current thoughts in a considered way. Taking a moment for you can do yourself the world of good mentally and physically. These products are connecting additions to your routine. Whilst you’re away from the distractions of work, life, and other responsibilities; you can really spend the time to layer and apply these products.

Expect these in the Rituals of Sakura gift set:

  • The Ritual of Sakura shower foam

  • The Ritual of Sakura hand balm

  • The Fleurs de l’Himalaya parfum

By purchasing one of these gifts, you’re giving the gift of a long-lasting experience to those who enjoy a restorative pamper session. Plus, the scents and combination of products in both of the gift-sets are the perfect accompaniments for spring-time!

Where Can You Buy the Rituals Beauty eggs?

You can purchase the Rituals Beauty eggs directly at Rituals and have your goodies delivered to multiple countries around the world. See the full list of countries. There are also plenty of eggs in stock and available on Look Fantastic and Mankind.

A photograph of a person sitting in a minimalist white bathtub, practicing a wellness ritual for self-compassion..

So, what are you waiting for? Shop today to give the gift of surprise, fun, and care.

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