Personal Stylists: Beneficial Advice You Need To Know

Updated: May 27

Are personal stylists necessary? An appointment with a personal stylist will leave you with all the essentials you need to dress for any occasion without having to chase the latest trends.


As I write this guide, I already have a good idea of who you are. You are a leader in your industry, your office, your community, and your family. You’ve already reached a point of success in your endeavours, whatever they are, and that says a lot about you! You’re decisive and you’re not scared of making things happen. Now, you are looking for what can help you get to the next level. Booking an appointment with a personal stylist is exactly that.

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What are reasons that a successful young professional may choose to enquire about a personal stylist? The first would be that the professional is personally interested in fashion but is too busy to keep up with the latest fashion trends and to go shopping. The second is that the professional is not personally interested in fashion but recognises the importance of building a wardrobe that makes them confident and fits their social circle and the professional goals they have.

As a young professional themselves, they can see the value in outsourcing tasks to experts in other areas of their life, so why not hire an expert to improve their closet too? Personal stylists are experts of their fields, and can do so much.

What Can a Personal Stylist Do For You?

1. Stylists Understand Fashion

Stylists are industry experts and are not only on top of the latest trends in fashion but also know a great amount about brands, especially their identities and reputation. Whether the customer values great quality in their clothes, great value or they have a more specific preference (sustainable brands, cruelty free brands, etc), a personal stylist will be able to help them find that. And all the time doing research that the customer would have to do to find the brand they desire will be saved and can be utilized towards other endeavours.

As a customer, no need to look after the latest fashion trends. Your stylist will be up to date and will create the wardrobe that’s trendy and suits your style and personality. Most importantly, they will understand what fits your body and avoid any faux-pas.

2. Stylists Understand You

Not only do personal stylists understand fashion, they can help you understand your own body and taste and which styles suit you specifically. This will help you wear the pieces that make you more confident in your looks, helping you in all aspects of your life.

After the stylist understands the customer's taste and has helped them to find brands or pieces that they like, then the stylist can begin highlighting pieces from that subset that work specifically for the customer. During my career, I've also been able to observe the core differences in people from different places in terms of both lifestyle and personality. I've been empowered by those experiences to curate wardrobes that speak to the uniqueness of those cultures.

The customer may know what they like but don’t know how to pick well-fitting pieces or pieces that compliment their appearance. The customer-stylist should be based on trust. The stylist should be understanding of the customers preferences and needs while the customer should trust the stylist to try new things and give honest feedback to build greater understanding.

Here is how a personal stylist sees their role, and I think that it perfectly shows how much having a personal stylist can bring to a person. “Personal styling is so much more than working out what colours suit you and defining your body shape, winning a client and styling them well all comes down to client psychology. You have to understand the difference between people's needs, have empathy and then of course come up with solutions to build them a wardrobe that not only suits their body shape and colouring but their lifestyle and objectives too..”

Marina Lefkaritis, private shopping director at, says that personal sytlists’s “role requires that they ask the right questions because it is ultimately what they ask and how they relay it — their ability to communicate — that will continue to bridge the human experience of shopping with the business side of retail."

3. Stylists are Efficient

Stylists aren’t about mindless consumption. They make the most of what you already own while allowing you to invest in a minimal number of high quality pieces to maximize style options. Your existing wardrobe is a great building block for your personal stylist. They won’t force you to throw away all your clothes, do not worry.

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The idea of efficiency coming from a stylist is showing you how to use what you already have, while adding in new pieces that add maximum value. This person, after meeting with a stylist, has nothing but positive feedback: "Ultimately, those two hours taught me to no longer fear certain shades or overtly feminine shapes. And that I can achieve my aspired aesthetic by introducing pieces to my wardrobe rather than completely changing it – which my wardrobe and my wallet are happy about."

By understanding both the personal preferences of the customer and the styles that will suit that customer, the stylist can curate a diverse closet of outfits while buying minimal staple pieces and utilising the best of what you already have. There is a misconception out there that having a personal stylist will cost you an arm and a leg. If you want to upgrade your wardrobe and reach the next step in your life, booking an appointment with a stylist is the way to go. I’ve gone over what a personal stylist can do for you. But with those appointments, you will do a lot for yourself as well.

What You Gain From An Appointment With a Stylist?

Personal stylists, as mentioned previously in this post, have a great knowledge of the industry, brands and existing trends. They also have knowledge about your fit. And what’s very important, it’s that they are here to share their knowledge with you. As well as improving your wardrobe, you are gaining priceless knowledge on how to build up your confidence and approach your life with a different mindset. You should leave the experience with a stylist with a newfound pride in your closet and self confidence. That’s what it’s all about.

You should also feel more confident in trying pieces that would normally be outside of your comfort zone. After an appointment, you should feel as though you have learned something that you can take with you as you shop for yourself in the future.

The Bottom line

You have reached a point of success in your life, but as the leader and person of action that you are, you need to go further. You need a wardrobe that mirrors the will that you have, and no better way to build that wardrobe than booking an appointment with a personal stylist.

Personal stylists have incredible knowledge on the fashion industry, on what pieces will best fit your body and how to best utilize your existing wardrobe. They will share that knowledge with you so you can keep on building this great wardrobe that’ll lead you to more success. You can also check out this great series of posts on how to dress for success.

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