How to Design A Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe | Part 1

Updated: Mar 21

Minimalism is about only having what you need, and saying no to excess and clutter, a school of thought that can be particularly helpful when it comes to putting together a wardrobe.


Imagine never having to worry about what to wear because you know that you’re equipped with the right set of clothes to be prepared for any occasion?

That’s the beauty of a minimalist wardrobe - a collection of clothing that consists of everything a man needs (and nothing that he doesn’t). No dead weight, no trends, and no added pizzazz - only time-honored capsule wardrobe essentials that you can always rely on.

Getting to Know Minimalism

Minimalism is a word that can take on various meanings. When it comes to design, it’s typically used to describe a certain type of modern aesthetic. The kind that values blank space, a monochrome color palette, and simple lines.

Regarding lifestyle, minimalism has a whole different meaning. All minimalists need are a few key essentials.

Minimalist-inspired room with a white couch and wooden table, a style that can be incorporated into a capsule wardrobe

There are plenty of reasons to approach your wardrobe in a realistic, uncomplicated manner that is characteristic of minimalism. For example, a minimalist approach to getting dressed in the morning makes commuting much easier and less time-consuming, while still guaranteeing that you’ll look sharp. However, despite the name, there are various aspects to consider and understand when putting together a versatile and durable minimalist wardrobe, such as color palette and investment pieces.

Minimalism in Fashion: A History Lesson

Minimalism as a concept in fashion was introduced around the beginning of the 21st century by iconic designers like Helmut Lang and Raf Simons. However, it wasn’t until 2004 that minimalism would grow to become a global phenomenon.

In 2004, the New York-based design duo Common Projects launched the Achilles Low sneaker. It’s trademark? It was sleek, precise, luxurious, and with no gaudy embellishments. And this was just the beginning - just a few months later, H&M would launch its first designer collaboration with the master of monochrome, the late legend Karl Lagerfeld. The collection’s emphasis on basics, combined with the chain’s access to worldwide distribution, introduced the concept of fashionable minimalism into mainstream society.

So what exactly is minimalist fashion style?

Simple patterns, sleek designs, clean lines, and minimal graphics. Think tapered sweats, bomber jackets with no added ornaments, and extended shirts that feature clean, crisp lines.

Close up image of a cactus in a square and white minimalist pot.

Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe: A Fusion of Life and Style

One of the biggest benefits of introducing minimalist style in fashion is that these clothes can stand the test of time.

Trendy clothes have to be displaced by the next popular trend (naturally). And we want to avoid having to constantly upgrade our wardrobe. And thus, the minimalist capsule wardrobe was born, the fusion of a minimalist lifestyle and minimalist fashion. An experienced fashion enthusiast understands that we build an essential capsule wardrobe around simple, classic styles that never fade, like white t-shirts, dark wash jeans, and navy blazers.

Choosing to put together a minimalist capsule wardrobe introduces a whole host of benefits to your everyday life:

  • Your closet won’t be littered with clothes

  • You won’t have to waste money on clothes that you ultimately don’t even wear (or wear only once)

  • Fewer options to pick from means less time spent getting dressed in the morning and less stress about what to wear

  • Your wardrobe becomes versatile - one piece can be used on multiple occasions; for example, a blazer that looks sharp in the office and impresses on dates

The beauty of a minimalist capsule wardrobe is how little it contains. However, that means the clothes you do buy have to be built to last a long time. Keep the styling simple and make sure you look for natural fabrics, as they’re much more breathable and better at absorbing sweat. Sticking to the basics – quality cotton, dark colors, good fits - is essential.

Three men sit on wireframe chairs as they face the camera, sporting minimalist outfits as they pose for a photo shoot.

Ultimately, the goal of minimalist fashion is to put your mind at ease. A strong minimalist capsule wardrobe will allow you to focus on enjoying your experiences and doing what you love most, rather than stressing about what you are wearing. Minimalist capsule wardrobes should inherently be composed of pieces that work together seamlessly, so you will always feel confident that you’re looking your best.

Those who have embraced a minimalist lifestyle frequently say that their attitudes have improved.

Without as much clutter - both in their closets and their minds - they feel that they’re less stressed and have more energy to attack each day with their very best.

The Bottom Line

There are many advantages to embracing a minimalist lifestyle, especially as you embark on a versatile lifestyle and pursue your goals, wherever your success may lead. The minimalist capsule wardrobe represents simplicity, excellence, and poise, and yet, the collection offers the opportunity to exhibit your own unique style and personality. In the next post in our written series, we’ll go into more detail and guide you as you look to build your own minimalist capsule wardrobe.

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