Healing Crystals: Understanding the Truth | Part 1

Updated: May 27

Why are healing crystals so important? Healing crystals are among the go-to remedies when traditional medicine does not meet our expectations.


Crystals are one of Earth’s natural treasures and adorn ordinary looking places with their light, transforming Mother Nature’s offsprings into real eyecatchers. The beauty of nature lies in its infiniteness, encompassing all forms of life with no compromising of anything’s or anyone’s inner, natural beauty. Instead, as one form of nature, crystals literally help in shining more light into the darkness or the overlooked parts of our planet, including us humans. You see, these astounding products of nature are said to help human beings in achieving inner greatness. The transformation of one thing leads to that of another. It all starts here. In order to be able to enjoy your own transformation, you first need to understand the significant underlying potential of crystals.

Know Your Crystals

A colorful arrangement of crystals

Crystals do not only look beautiful, they also are a source of joy and inner peace for a lot of people. Their symbolic worth is invaluable and people are willing to invest in them because of their unwavering belief in their healing powers. But where does this belief come from in the first place?

About the Origin of Healing Crystals and their History

You see, it’s not quite clear where it all started. Different sources will tell you different things, but all of them have in common that the art of crystal healing goes back a long, long time in human history. Remember, nature is all encompassing. With crystals being a part of nature, it shouldn’t be too surprising to find accounts from all over the world that promote this strange-sounding practice which has been shifting in recent years to adapting a more modern approach.

It seems like humans always accredited certain supernatural powers to specific crystals, sometimes reworking them into accessories like amulets, beads or talismans in order to profit from the crystals’ protective powers at all times while carrying them on the body. It’s interesting to observe how people from all corners share their belief of crystal healing whereas most times matters about life and death are more complex among humans due to the different belief systems that have been in place forever. Yet, even outside of their active usage, crystals have an effect on us. They unite. They make us aware of our vulnerability and remind us of our humility. This isn’t to say, however, that the powers of crystals and other gemstones were attributed universally.

What Healing Crystals Are Known For

In the case of certain crystals each culture believed in different powers that one and the same crystal could have. A good example is rose quartz, which remains one of the most popular crystals due to its diversity that has been prevalent throughout the years.

  • ca. 5000–ca. 1750 BC The Ancient Sumerians, known as the civilization of humankind, used crystals in magical formulas.

  • ca. 3500–3100 BC The Ancient Assyrians were known to craft rose quartz and might have been the first along with the Ancient Romans to use it.

  • ca. 2025–1400 BC The Ancient Egyptians believed in rose quartz’s capabilities of preventing aging among other great health benefits. According to reports, they adorned their bodies with crystals in order to ward off any negative energy coming from outward or inward, as well as to shield themselves from attracting any kind of illnesses.

  • ca. 753 BC–476 AD The Ancient Romans interestingly recognized the more pragmatic benefit of crystals, as such they used rose quartz as a seal which they proudly used to signify ownership. Considering that they were able to establish such practices with either little or no contest, it speaks for the shared deference of the Roman people to crystals.

  • ca. 500–1400/1500 CE – In the Middle Ages, quartz found application in healing potions, whereas in America the crystal was revered for its emotionally calming powers.

  • Present day In modern times, crystal healing or crystal therapy combines a multitude of traditional concepts, interestingly from mainly a single region: Asia. Considering the prominence that Asian cultures have been gaining in recent years, this makes sense. These are drawing back on the long standing ideas about qi (energy, or life force) and chakras (energy pools within a human’s body), who derive from Chinese and Buddhist philosophies respectively.

Now that we’ve given you a broad overview of how far back the use of crystals goes in human history by the example of rose quartz and how these practices look like today, you have a better picture of how long crystal healing has really been around. And remember, our example rose quartz is just one of the many crystals there are.

As you see, crystals can have different purposes for everybody. You can follow the examples of the Ancient Egyptians or alternatively, you can also put the crystals under your pillow to feel protected during your sleep. Crystals are also of course used to attract and absorb positive energy. A popular way of using crystals can be found in the form of amulets, bead chains or talismans and in surprisingly more modernly adapted ways.

Who Uses Healing Crystals Today?

You’ll be surprised to hear what a great array of different people from all possible walks of life are attracted by the prospect of crystals’ powers. From parents that resort to Baltic amber necklaces for their newborns or toddlers in hopes of reducing their child’s teething pain, as well as children turning to complementary and alternative remedies as well, to global celebrities and icons to middle- and high-class people from well-established industries like real estate, finance and technology. Sometimes, traditional medicine just doesn’t fulfill our needs. We feel that something is missing, but can’t quite put our finger on what we’re lacking in life. This is why some seek refuge in alternative medicine, enter crystal healing. Why should you be able to sense something is adrift if that very thing lies beyond our grasp (both figuratively and literally)?

A person sits in a lotus position beside healing crystals and a buddha totem.

We humans are rather adventurous and too curious for our own good sometimes. We want to explore every nook and cranny within our own four walls as toddlers, then go on in life with the silent wish of traveling around the world, inspired by adventurous figures like Christopher Columbus or Phileas Fogg (based on the real adventurer William Perry Fogg). We fall in love with fictional worlds just the same and sometimes find ourselves looking up towards the sky in wonder, musing about the great Unknown; about beings and phenomena outside of our power, reminiscing about inexplicable occurrences in our life and whether or not they really happened and if there was someone or something higher at play.

We’re explorers. We want to make sense of the worlds and its inhabitants around us. We all want to be winners. What greater sense of victory than being able to proclaim “I did it. I figured it out!” Figure out what, you might ask. The answer – everything and anything. You alone choose.

Go choose what you would like to do today. Which mysteries in life do you want to get to know? A great starting point is right there already: you. If we recognize our most inner potential, we can appreciate what’s lying in front of our feet (and beyond) with a newly gained perspective.

Are you an adventurer? Does the idea of exploring the unknowns excite you? Then maybe you now understand what and who healing crystals are good for.

Key Takeaways

Let’s go over today’s lesson. After all, we want you to be able to share in our fascination for crystals and their capabilities.

The origins and history of crystal healing can be traced back to the very first known human civilization in ancient Sumer and continued throughout history in many other cultures who all adapted the practice to their own needs. Crystals are still in demand today and among the go-to remedies when traditional medicine does not meet our expectations. However, there is much more to unfold.

If you’re interested in learning more about healing crystals, check out this informative piece thought leadership series.

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