Flannels: How to Look Amazing in Any Weather | Part 3

Updated: May 27

The endless colour options for flannel pieces make them incredibly versatile, here's how to find the perfect piece to match your style.


Fabric & Fit

When it comes to flannel shirts, quality matters. Synthetic materials tend to not breathe as well as their cotton or wool counterparts and not last as long as traditional fibers. The true test of a flannel happens over time in the environment where you’re planning to use the shirt, so be sure you’re matching your spend with your expectation for the life of the garment. Once you’ve selected the fabric, be sure to look at its thickness, which is another measure of quality.

Know How You’ll Wear The Flannel

If you’re looking for a flannel to wear outside in a cold environment while you are active, it would make sense to look for something thick, and built with wool or cotton. The downside of wool is that comfort is often sacrified, as wool can sometimes be scratchy and not as comfortable on the skin.

If you’re like most men today, you're looking for versatility for both indoors and outdoors. You wear the flannel outside regularly, but layered under outerwear to comfortably transition indoors. Cotton is a comfortable fiber that can be very soft on the skin when crafted with attention to detail. Specifically, brushed cotton on both sides of the shirt delivers fantastic comfort while still maintaining the classic look of the flannel.

When buying a flannel, it’s important to look at the tightness of the weave. The closer the threads of fabric are packed together, the more compact the weave, and often the more insulating the flannel will be. Another advantage of a tighter weave is durability and resistance to shrinkage when laundering. For most men, this means that with a tighter weave, you can buy the flannel that fits well today without having to worry about how it will look after a few trips to the wash.

A flannel's fit can be tricky, as some men wear it more like a coat, while others wear it more like a dress shirt. The reality is that a flannel should contour the body without limiting movement. Sleeves should be the same length as a dress shirt, and the flannel should allow for extra room in the shoulders.

Color Guide

Red Flannel Shirt

Finding a plain red flannel shirt can be a bit complicated. This is because red flannel shirts can look too wide and too colorful on some men. However, they go well with long jeans and skinny jeans. Men love to wear burgundy, denim, or black pants along with their flannel shirts, or even stylish jackets. Red flannels go great with boots as well.

Green Flannel Shirt

The green flannel shirt is often associated with the lumberjack look and will look the prettiest with a beard. Usually, once paired up with a pair of brown chinos or khaki pants, you will get the best look. It is also appropriate for the office if you love staple pieces. These shirts should be left unbuttoned, and you can pair them up with some stylish belts as well.

Black Flannel Shirt

A black flannel shirt is a must-have autumn and winter choice since it is the perfect shirt with sleeves for this weather. You can match this shirt with any pair of either denim or black pants you own. This look should be worn with a leather jacket on top, as well as with some sneakers or boots when it starts to rain.

Blue Flannel Shirt

Layer your outfit by throwing on a long sleeve blue flannel shirt. Choose this outfit if you are still in school and you love to wear casual pieces. Once matched with black shoes, preferably Vans, this outfit will be the perfect street style and will look the best on younger men.

Yellow Flannel Shirt

Flannels outfits wouldn’t have been complete without a dark yellow flannel shirt. This top is a must-have for men who aren’t afraid of color, and who love some vibrant pieces for the summer! You can wear any pair of white shoes with this outfit, as well as the perfect slim pants to complete the look. You can also wear a pair of shorts with this flannel in the summer.

Purple Flannel Shirt

It can be hard to make a purple shirt work, which is why you should go for your favorite trousers or a pair of solid denim jeans with a purple flannel. Some stylish beige or brown booties will go great with this flannel as well - you’ll love this look when out with your friends, or when going out on a date.

Grey White Flannel Shirt

A grey or white shirt is a must-have item in your closet. If you don’t own one, make sure you shop for your perfect flannel. This top should be worn by men who love eye-catching details and who want to stand out, no matter where they go. Where this with a watch and denim pants. It is the most appropriate for some formal or semi-fancy gatherings.

Brown Flannel Shirt

Nothing screams autumn like brown color. You should be wearing this shirt and this color during the entire fall season, no matter where you’re going. It looks cozy while you can easily dress it up with your favorite pair of jeans and a buttoned blazer, or with a vest.

The Bottom line

As with all capsule pieces, quality is key. Whatever the color, whatever the occasion, a quality flannel shirt is going to be a great investment that will never go out of style. Check out our previous post to learn more about the background of flannel or our next post to see some more styling ideas.

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