Finishing Accessories: You Need to Look Polished | Part 1

Updated: Mar 21

Accessories can complement the clothing and show off your deliberate, poised, and elegant fashion sense.


As important as it is to nail your custom capsule wardrobe, well-chosen accessories can take any outfit to the next level. In this post, we’ll give you a breakdown of different accessories and key situations where they can come into play.

Best Cold Weather Accessories

While winter can be a more difficult time to show off your personal style, especially if you live in cold-weather climates like Chicago or Detroit the right winter accessories can be a great way to stand out and show off your sense of fashion - and not to mention, they’ll keep you nice and warm!

Cashmere / Wool Knit Hat

This is an absolute must when the temperatures start to hover around freezing and below. Try a thicker rib knit or give cashmere a go for a luxurious touch that’s soft, light, and warm. And don’t be afraid to try out different colors!

Akiem Hicks of the Chicago Bears wears a wool knit beanie, a patterned scarf, and thick gloves to accessorize his suit

Patterned Scarf

A scarf is a great way to mix in some color or patterns into your look. A bit of the scarf peeking out from under your winter coat is more than enough for a sharp, stylish look. Cashmere is a superb choice here as well, as it’s quite light and warm.


For gloves, you’ll want something lighter ski gloves but still warm enough to keep your hands cozy. Be on the lookout for knit versions in wool or cashmere, or, alternatively, lined leather options for a sharp business getup.

Key Formal Accessories

We know that a classy, well-tailored suit is essential to any capsule wardrobe, and tactful accessorizing is an exceptional way to display flare. Here are some key accessories you can invest into to serve as perfect complements for your sharpest look.

Tie & Tie Bars

Ties need no introduction - they add a professional, sleek feel to your look, and sometimes are required, of course. The color and pattern of your tie should complement that of your dress shirt and your jacket. Solid colors or solid colors with subtle patterns are always a safe play.

Meanwhile, tie bars are small metal clips that are both functional and fashionable. You can clip them on your tie to keep it wrinkle-free and neatly tucked in place without damaging them. They really go well in any situation where you’re wearing a tie. You can play it safe with a classy gold or silver clip, but snag one that has a delicate design if you want to show a bit more self-expression.


Cufflinks might come across as gaudy to some, but they’re a great way to set yourself apart in a world filled with button-cuff dress shirts. The cufflink is a good way for the modern man to display some style without being too over the top. As far as particular styles, French cuff shirts are becoming more and more popular, and cufflink designers have embraced the trend, rolling out a plethora of different styles. They range from clean to unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Man puts on square metal cufflinks as a final touch to accessorize his black jacket, a part of his custom capsule wardrobe

The Hottest Hats

Shifting gears to casual accessories, hats are a great place to start. Men's hats have an extensive history, as we believe the first brimmed hat to have been worn all the way back in ancient Greece - the Petasos. Created with straw, the Petasos was developed in Thessaly, a region in Greece known for its formidable horsemen.

Fast forward several thousand years, and men’s hat choices are rather diverse.

Here are eight different styles you can look into if you’re interested in adding a hat to your wardrobe:

You’ve got plenty of choices, and since you’re keeping it casual, there aren’t really any strict guidelines you have to follow. Just make sure that you’re not forcing anything - stay within yourself, and take on a hat that suits you best!

The Bottom line

As you can see, accessories can be great complementary pieces, when used correctly, in any situation. Keeping your choices simple and sharp can go a long in tactfully showing your personality in your style, and are key to adopt as part of your custom capsule wardrobe. In the next post within our series on finishing accessories, we’ll go over how to navigate the world of men’s jewelry as pieces to add to your fashion arsenal.

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