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Why people love Kahana

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Intuitive design and clean workspaces — start working or creating in seconds.

Kahana is pristine


Easy organization and collaboration features make Kahana ideal for all kinds of group work and research-dense projects.

Kahana is collaborative

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Information and references captured online go directly into a specific Kahana workspace, while keeping their links. They appear in your project in orderly folders.

Kahana is organized

Zen Mode enhances your workspace and blocks out distractions — find a new level of focus and work in tranquility.

Kahana is tranquil

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Use the Kahana Chrome extension to clip and capture any information from tabs and pages that you need for your project.

Kahana is powerful


Save enormous amounts of time and hassle as you work and create in an enhanced ecosystem tailor-made for writers, creatives, and collaborative projects of all kinds.

Kahana is a time-saver

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We are here to fully support our Kahana Founders as we welcome you to the Kahana family.

Founders have access to one-on-one support, tutorials, demos, live Q&As and how-to classes, and whatever you need to be successful when using Kahana.

Writers, creatives, artists
Researchers, academics, students
Organizations, non-profits, project-based businesses
Project managers, community leaders and organizers

Founder Accounts are Free Forever.

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Bring your friends, colleagues, and collaborators with you as you use Kahana on your projects.

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